Learn Thai Online via Skype

Learn Thai Online via Skype

If you’d like to start or continue learning Thai from the comfort of your own home then private lessons via Skype might just be what you’re looking for.

Speaking for Beginners

If you’re completely new to learning Thai then this is the ideal first step for a basic understanding and the ability to communicate in everyday conversations.

Reading and Writing for Beginners

Learning to read and write Thai will immensely improve your fluency in the language and aid your speaking ability too. Some students opt to begin learning to read and write from the very beginning. Others prefer to start off with a speaking course first. It’s completely up to you!

Intermediate Thai Lessons

These lessons focus on the complete language skill set of speaking, listening, reading and writing with a focus on improving all round fluency in Thai.

Custom Thai Lessons

All lesson focuses are negotiable and can be adjusted to meet any student’s specific requirements.

If you want to be tutored towards a specific goal then all you have to do ask!

How It Works

I recommend that Skype lessons are kept to one hour as they can be quite intensive.

The lessons will take place at an agreed time which is suitable for any differing timezones.

Your first Skype lesson can be paid for via PayPal afterwards. Future lessons require payment up-front to reserve and book that time-slot in my upcoming schedule.

During the Lesson

For each session I will prepare and screen share PowerPoint slides that we will work through together in combination with normal Skype video-chat.

We will also use a shared Google Sheet to work-through, read and write new words and sentences that might arise through our conversation that is not already covered in the slides.

After the Lesson

Students will be sent a supporting PDF file or the PowerPoint file we were using in order to go back and re-work and study through material in the their own time.

Beginner learners will additionally be sent MP3 recordings of lesson vocabulary to listen back to and familiarise with correct pronunciation and tone.