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Private One-on-One Tuition Online via Skype
Learn Thai Online via Skype

Interested in Skype Lessons?

If you’d like to start (or continue!) learning Thai from the comfort of your own home then private online lessons might just be the ticket.

You can book out a long-term study slot and follow a course like structure. Or you can simply pay-as-you-go for a one-off lesson to tackle specific topic or subject matter you might be having trouble with.

Just get in touch to let me know what you’re looking for from your online Thai lessons and we can go from there.

Schedule and Payment

I recommend that Skype lessons are kept to one hour as they can be quite intensive.

After emailing me and discussing your requirements we will find a time for the lessons that are compatible with any differing timezones.

All lessons are to be paid via PayPal.

For the first session, payment can be made after the lesson finishes. For future lessons I will require you to make a payment up-front for the lesson ahead in order to block out that time-slot in my upcoming schedule.

How the Lessons Work

Skype lessons normally work as a two-way video chat between us. I will also share my computer screen with you to reference prepared materials.

For each session I will screen share PowerPoint slides that we will work through together in combination with our video chat.

I will also share access to a Google Spreadsheet that we are both able to work in and edit together. We can use this to write new words and sentences that warrant further exploration beyond what is already covered in the slides.

Study Thai Online via Skype

After the lesson I will send you any supporting materials which will allow you to study the subject matter further in your own time. This consists normally of a PDF file, a PowerPoint file or both.

Beginner learners will additionally be sent MP3 recordings of lesson vocabulary to listen back to and familiarise with correct pronunciation and tone.

Learn Thai Quickly with Kru Jan

Types of Lessons

Speaking for Beginners

If you’re completely new to learning Thai then this is the ideal first step for a basic understanding and the ability to communicate in everyday conversations.

Reading and Writing for Beginners

Learning to read and write Thai will immensely improve your fluency in the language and aid your speaking ability too. Some students opt to begin learning to read and write from the very beginning. Others prefer to start off with a speaking course first. It’s completely up to you!

Intermediate Thai Lessons

These lessons focus on the complete language skill set of speaking, listening, reading and writing with a focus on improving all round fluency in Thai.

Custom Thai Lessons

All lesson focuses are negotiable and can be adjusted to meet any student’s specific requirements.

Let's Start Skyping!

If you’d like to begin learning over Skype, whatever your level right now – beginner to advanced – please fill in the form below along with some information about yourself. If you do have some experience in learning Thai already then please do let me know. I’ll get back to you shortly with my recommendations and availability.