Kru Jan's students share their views

Kru Jan has taught students from all over the world. Here’s what they say about her:

Study with Kru Jan class’s atmosphere was friendly, engaging & systematically educational. Just as the language may seem to be intimidating - she created a more relaxed and laid back conversational learning class and its fun. She gradually add the letters and rules to learn each session instead of putting them all together in one session. And yes there’s the amusement on familiarizing yourself of the Thai Alphabet. 🙂 Learning Thai maybe hard but 15 days of learning to read and write Thai language? - Possible or not possible? As a person with no Thai language background and at first - very intimidate by the language - It is definitely POSSIBLE..! I ขอขอบคุณค่ะครูจันร์ฉันหวังว่าคุณจะมีความสำเร็จมากๆ
Michille Salva
I have been living in Thailand for 2 years and had not much talent in learning the language and been living in a very lost world and keeping myself in the comfort zone. Until i met Kru Jan and she enlightened me with the way to learn and i was surprised that i could read Thai words just after 2-3 lessons! These were exceptionally helpful as i can use them in my day to day life driving and ordering food! It has also definitely help me to interact better with my Thai friends and they were impressed with my progress. The journey in learning Thai isn't easy, but i'm glad to have found Kru Jan. Thank You Kru Jan!
Julia Tan
I have been living in Thailand for more than 3 years now, and until recently I didn't know how to read a single letter of the Thai alphabet. Then I decided to take the Read & Write Intensive course with Kru Jan and in just a few lessons I was able to read all the letters quite comfortably. Learning was no easy task, but Kru Jan made the process smooth and fun. I liked the course so much that when it ended I decided to continue taking lessons in the follow-up course. Kru Jan is able to explain complex concepts very clearly. I would recommend taking lessons with her to students who want to improve their Thai skills and also for those who want to learn but with no prior knowledge of the language.
Aitor Garcia
My level of Thai before starting this course was zero. By the end of the course I was able to read and write in Thai and even picked up some vocabulary along the way. I'm following it up with a speaking course with kru Jan and I can already tell what an advantage reading and writing will be when learning how to speak. Kru Jan has a positive energy when teaching which makes the class fun and helped to keep me motivated. I highly recommend this course.
Nicolas Appave
I started learning Thai with Kru Jan on Skype 7 months ago. Her enthusiasm in teaching Thai motivates me and keeps me wanting to learn more from her.

She is experienced and proficient in catering for the needs of her students, even providing me with audio and lesson slides for study material after the lessons.

I would definitely recommend her to anybody wanting to learn Skype online.

Lessons with Kru Jan are a worthy investment!
Soh Yonglun
I've been studying private lessons with Kru Jan for almost 2 years.

Before studying with her I understood a little Thai, but I really struggled with both tones and vowel sounds. I also could not read Thai script at all.

Kru Jan was able to very quickly and effectively correct all of my bad habits, improve my pronunciation, and also improve my tone. Additionally, she had me reading faster than I ever thought would be possible!

Kru Jan always pushes my limits and challenges me to work hard and improve my Thai in all areas. She is really focussed on helping me achieve my full potential and any compliment I ever receive with regards to my ability to read, write or speak Thai can be directly attributed to her.

Daniel Styles
I have traveled to Thailand several times over the last 10 years.

I tried schools and other places around Chiang Mai for Thai language classes. For one reason or another I just never fit in with their program. Jan is the one who took me many steps beyond my slighted spoken Thai, by teaching me to read and write. Wow! (It really does feel like Wow!)

She’s a great one on one instructor and very professional.
John Colum
I have been studying with Jan Kannaphat for the past 5 months and I can definitely recommend her – in fact I have done so to various other people.

Her teaching method suits me very well and her classes are very much customised towards the individual student and their needs. Her lessons are always well prepared and whenever I have had a question I found her explanations very clear.

Not only are her classes professional, but she even makes it entertaining which makes the subject matter more fun to learn.
Jerrie P.
South Africa
I used to attend a language school where Jan used to work and chose her as my teacher on recommendation of a friend who told me she was the best there.

The cost per day at that school with 6 to 8 students in a class is about the same as a private lesson with Jan. However, not having to wait whilst 6 to 8 students learn a phrase I now find myself learning more in one hour with Jan than I did in 2 and a half days at the language school!

Today – in less than a year – I’m able to converse in Thai.
Roland Jolivet
I started to learn Thai language with Jan and I am so happy about that decision!

I have a lot of reasons for this: Jan is a perfect teacher. She can explain everything. She uses different ways to make memorization of Thai words simple.

Every lesson I get a lot of helpful info about Thailand and Thai people and Thai culture. Jan gives much more than just teaching. I like every lesson of Thai language with Jan.
Shemyakina Tatiana
Jan has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages.

Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics are both truly superior.

She has excellent written and verbal communication English skills, has humour and is reliable. I also admire her very positive attitude!
Edmée van Tongeren
Within a few lessons I found myself able to make simple conversation with the locals and as I continued studying with Jan, the conversations developed to become more and more profound.

Aside from possessing extensive knowledge of both Thai and English linguistics, she knows how to adapt to ever-changing levels of individual progress. Her classes are fun and instructive at the same time.