Thai words that start with nam
14 Common Thai Words The Start with “น้ำ” [nám]
น้ำ [nám] means water, fluid or liquid. It also features in many other common words such as the 14 listed below. WordDefinition1. น้ำ [nám] + ใจ [jai] = น้ำใจwater + heart = kindness, spirit2. น้ำ [nám] + แข็ง [khɛ̌ɛŋ] = น้ำแข็งwater + hard, frozen, solid = ice3. น้ำ [nám] + ตก [dtòk] = น้ำตกwater + [...]
Lets talk about khii
Let’s talk about ขี้ [khîi] !
ขี้ [khîi] literally means excrement and it’s not a very polite word when used on its own. It’s actually more like the word “sh*t” in English. But it is commonly used to describe everyday bodily secretion such as: WordDefinition1. ขี้ตา [khîi dtaa]sleep (in your eyes)2. ขี้หู [khîi hǔu] ear wax3. ขี้มูก [khîi mûuk] snot4. ขี้ไคล [khîi [...]
Thai words with multiple meanings
Thai Words with Multiple Meanings
There are many words in Thai that have multiple meanings. Do you know any of them? Here are 7 examples: 1. ผม [phǒm]me (male speakers)hair ผมมีผมสีน้ำตาล [phǒm mii phǒm sǐi náam-dtaan] I have brown hair. 2. ตา [dtaa] grandfather (father's side)eyes ตามีตาสีดำ [dtaa mii dtaa sǐi dam] Grandfather has black eyes. 3. เย็น [yen] eveningcool [...]