Good News

Tuesday, July 10, 2018, was the day the good news that everyone was waiting for over 2 weeks came true. I’m sure you already heard about it but let’s learn how to say it in Thai “ข่าวดีวันนี้คือ เด็กๆทีมฟุตบอลหมูป่าทั้ง 12 คนและโค้ชออกจากถ้ำแล้ว” (kàao dee wan née keu  dèk dèk teem fút bon mŏo bpàa táng sìp-sŏng  kon láe […]

5 Reasons for Learning to Read and Write Thai

1. You will learn all the sounds of the Thai alphabet Roman alphabet based languages don’t cover all the sounds we have in Thai. Especially the vowels.  They sound very familiar to one another and some of them are even impossible to actually write phonetically. Learning how to read is the best way to learn […]

Thai words that start with nam
14 Common Thai Words The Start with “น้ำ” [nám]
น้ำ [nám] means water, fluid or liquid. It also features in many other common words such as the 14 listed below. WordDefinition1. น้ำ [nám] + ใจ [jai] = น้ำใจwater + heart = kindness, spirit2. น้ำ [nám] + แข็ง [khɛ̌ɛŋ] = น้ำแข็งwater + hard, frozen, solid = ice3. น้ำ [nám] + ตก [dtòk] = น้ำตกwater + [...]